I am a Berlin based freelance full-stack developer and consultant who has been building web applications for over 20 years.

While working for a wide variety of companies including small and large startups, software agencies, international media companies I gained experience and solid skills both on the front-end and back-end side of the web. I am also passionate about user experience and accessibility.

Check out my portfolio to learn more about the companies and projects I worked for.

My philosophy

My leading principle is getting things done but only those “things” that have a purpose and create value for my employer or client.

Front-end skills

I prefer to use recent and popular tools on new projects which currently means one of the reactive frameworks like Vue.js or React. I am also comfortable working on legacy codebases predating these (for example Backbone or in-house frameworks).

I am quick to learn and adopt new technologies but I am particularly strong in these technologies and skills:

Back-end skills

My toolkit includes multiple back-end languages and the experience spans across large monolithic systems like Rails monoliths, enterprise Java (J2EE) applications and microservices written from scratch. These are my strengths:

DevOps skills

I have been involved in deploying and operating software in production since early on in my career and started exploring the depths of the Linux operating system even before I became a software engineer. These are the methods and technologies I have first-hand experience with:

Other skills

Besides the main areas above I possess a couple of other hard and soft skills:

How to hire me

If the skills I can offer sound like useful additions to your existing team or want to me to help with starting a project from scratch please send an email contact me through the channels below. The conversation usually starts with an initial free one-hour consultation over a phone or video call.

I am happy to work on-site in central Berlin, occasionally show up at more distant destinations or work fully remote anywhere else.