Project Portfolio

Highlights of my projects from the recent and further past. Most of these were teamwork projects where I took leadership or significant part that required in-depth understanding of the technologies mentioned below.

December 2020 to present • Client: Ben Fox,

screenshot of home page

I have build from grounds up with close collaboration of the founder and a visual designer. Shepherd aims to revolutionize how we discover new books.

Technologies used:

I have also written about building Shepherd in detail.

Moving SoundCloud Sonar to Google Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP)

March 2021 • Client: SoundCloud

Google Cloud Platform logo

This short project involved moving Sonar, SoundCloud’s internal tool to use the IAP proxy to authenticate and authorize employees using Google single sign-on.

Journeyman Recruiting Platform

June 2019 to 2021 • Client: Journeyman

screenshot of Journeyman

I am doing regular maintenance and feature development on this platform specialized in recruiting German craftsmen for English speaking countries.

Technologies used:

SoundCloud 3D Secure Payments

August 2019 • Client: SoundCloud

screenshot of SoundCloud Connect

Helped SoundCloud’s Payments Team to implement 3D Secure payment authentication protocol in order to achieve PDS2 regulation compliance. The project heavily relied on pair programming.

Technologies used:

Kiro Project Management Analytics

2019 to 2021 • Client: Kiro

screenshot of Kiro

I took over this project after a prototype phase and continued the development to shipping a minimum viable product (MVP).

Besides software development I helped the founder in shaping the product strategy, project management, hiring and collaboration with the UX designer.

Technologies used:

Rebuilding SoundCloud OAuth Connect

March 2019 • Client: SoundCloud

screenshot of SoundCloud Connect

As part of SoundCloud’s modernization efforts I rebuilt the OAuth Connect user interface using a modern web stack.

Technologies used:


Oct 2017 to 2019 • Client: why do birds

screenshot of MusiCurve

MusiCurve is a simple to use tool that allows arranging precomposed and reusable brand music to a video and exporting a final video file.

My responsibilities not only included building the software from grounds up but also introducing why do birds to software development and the project management of software projects.

Technologies used:

Microservice Project for the Automotive Industry

June 2018 to Sept 2018 • Client: Elasticbrains and Deloitte Deutschland *

* The main client is a Fortune Global 500 company but can not be named here due to NDA.

Java EE logo

A microservice for the Java EE platform consuming data from Kafka, turning it into a time series database exposed via a REST API over HTTP.

As a software architect on a small team my role included a wide range of responsibilities from making sure the development follows the detailed specification and internal corporate software standards to building features and making sure they are shipped to the client’s infrastructure.

Technologies used:

SoundCloud Partner Tools

2012 to 2017 • Employer: SoundCloud

Screenshot of SoundCloud Pro

A series of ongoing projects of business-to-business services to SoundCloud’s key partners ranging from large international record labels to small independent ones. The implementation involved building well scoped (micro)services.

SoundCloud Stats

2014 • Employer: SoundCloud

Screenshot of SoundCloud Stats

Complete rewrite of the performance analytics pages SoundCloud provides to the music creators on the platform.


2013 to 2021 • Open source project

Screenshot of SoundCleod

Started as an afternoon hack now used by thousands daily SoundCleod is a desktop application which brings SoundCloud to macOS and Windows without using a web browser.

Gawker Web Performance Optimization

2012 • Employer: Gawker Media

Screenshot of

Lead the optimization project which eliminated front-end bottlenecks and reduced page load time from 5 to 3 seconds (50%) on all websites of the Gawker Media blog network (Gawker, Lifehacker, Kotaku, Gizmodo). Social Network

2005 to 2011 • Employer: Virgo Systems

Screenshot of

iWiW was the number one social network in Hungary before Facebook. I participated in various sub-projects during the years worked at Virgo Systems.