Setting up GnuCash with Deutsche Bank Germany

I’ve been recently trying to get my personal finances under control, and part of that was introducing GnuCash to my workflow. GnuCash itself might we worth a separate blog post, but here I’m only documenting how to connect GnuCash with Deutsche Bank in order to automatically import transactions.


GnuCash 4.13 or newer. Might work with other versions but I have not tried.

You need to have a bank account at Deutsche Bank Germany. I do not know how much of this applied to Deutsche Bank in other countries.

I think you need to have “HCBI Plus” activated. Log in to online banking and then go to Online SelfServices, Sonstiges, then “TelefonBanking PIN bestellen und HBCI+ Freischaltung” and then make sure “HBCI Plus Status” is activated (“Die HBCI Plus-Nutzung ist aktuell aktiviert.”). If not, you might need to activate it. (For me it was already activated and I can’t recall activating it myself, therefore that might be the default.)

Setting up

Testing and using

Once the setup is done, let’s see if it actually works.

Fixing ‘Error on executing job’

These instructions are specific to macOS but should mostly be valid with appropriate changes on Linux and Windows: